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delivering copy with an impact


Nesta is an innovation foundation, which means it turns ideas into reality and changes lives for the better. In line with its impressive ambitions, Nesta delivers powerful research reports that don’t shy away from making bold, forward-thinking statements. And it doesn’t want its message diluted by jargon, lack-lustre language and inconsistencies – which is where Tate & Clayburn comes in.

How did we help?

  • We support all stages of the editorial process, from copyediting and reference checking to the final proofread.

  • We absorb Nesta’s editorial guidelines and incorporate feedback to deliver consistent, impactful copy.

  • We work in a flexible way and can adapt to shifting timings.

  • We go the extra mile to make complex information accessible so that the reports have the biggest impact possible.

'Knowing that we have a reliable partner at hand to proofread, copyedit and translate in a fast and accurate way is a huge asset for L’OCCITANE in this constantly shifting landscape. Moving quickly without compromising quality and confidentiality is what we value most at Tate & Clayburn.'

— Marianna Fellmann

Head of Group Corporate Communications at L’OCCITANE Group

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