Our team of expert editors, proofreaders and translators is focused on one thing: ensuring that your work is expressed elegantly and effectively.

Language that lives up to your ideas

However well-argued your journal article, book chapter, thesis or other research project might be, the added input of a language expert can give it an extra edge.

Since 2012, Tate & Clayburn has helped hundreds of native and non-native English-speaking academics to get their research in shape for publication. We’ve copyedited, proofread and translated everything from conference abstracts to entire books. We’ve built a reputation for speed, accuracy, value and outstanding customer service, and we’re proud to see many of our clients published in top-ranking journals and with leading publishers – especially when some of them tell us that our input made a crucial difference in those publishing decisions.

Why choose Tate & Clayburn?


Certified quality

We’ve achieved the globally recognised ISO 9001:2015 quality management certification.

Exceptional team

Our hand-picked experts are trusted by hundreds of discerning clients worldwide.

Trust and confidentiality

We treat our clients’ data and intellectual property with the utmost care.

Customer service

Our customers give great feedback – because we don’t rest until they’re thrilled with our work.

Capacity and speed

We draw on all the resources we need to fit in with your schedule.
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