Perfecting teaching resources for young readers


2Simple creates high-quality, accessible and inspiring software and educational resources to encourage children to enjoy learning. Its material is used by over two million learners in more than 74 countries worldwide.

One of 2Simple’s products is Serial Mash, an online library for reading and comprehension comprising specially written serialised books for children of different age groups that are accompanied by grammar, comprehension and writing resources. These materials need to be exemplary in every way, with spelling, punctuation, grammar and vocabulary choice perfectly on point.

How do we help?

  • We go through the Serial Mash stories with a fine-toothed comb, eradicating typos, checking vocabulary use and ensuring that grammar is exemplary.
  • We provide the specialist grammar expertise needed to confirm that the teaching resources are watertight and the answer sections are correct.
  • We draft definitions for highlighted terms, explaining new vocabulary in the context of the story and using language appropriate for the target age group.

How can we help?

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