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Welcome to the Tate & Clayburn blog! We’re thrilled you’re here.

At the beginning of 2021, we emerged from a months-long rebranding process with a new name and a new website. Why the new name and brand, you may ask? When my co-director, Rosie, and I started out in 2012, we were proofreading and copyediting papers for an entirely academic client base. There was a lot to be said for something simple and descriptive, we thought, and most people seemed to blur the lines between copyediting and proofreading anyway, so we called ourselves The Proofreading Company. Our aim was to offer a single-minded focus on quality.

Before long, though, new clients came along with new needs. We began working with businesses and the public sector, and we took responsibility for multiple stages of more major production projects. As trained linguists, we were also keen to bring our translation and copywriting work under the company umbrella once we saw that our customers had an appetite for it. The Proofreading Company was no longer doing just what it said on the tin.

The search for a new name is always a head-scratcher, and we certainly went round the houses, from the relatively descriptive (Prose Lab) to the obscure (Thought Fox). As we worked on other aspects of our rebrand, though, we kept coming back to what we feel sets us apart from many other language service providers: a personal, tailored approach to language and editorial services and our pride in the relationships we’ve built over the past decade, some of which stretch all the way back to 2012. We hope our new name Tate & Clayburn (composed of Rosie’s and my surnames, in case you were wondering!) will keep those relationships at the fore and keep us focused over the next ten years.

The Proofreading Company and Tate & Clayburn logos – still offering high-quality editorial services
The Proofreading Company becomes Tate & Clayburn

We’re now excited to launch our blog, where we’ll be writing about anything and everything related to language (and especially the English language), writing, editorial work and where the industry is heading. 

Whether you’re someone in the market for editorial or language services, a language professional yourself or just an interested member of the public, we hope you’ll find something here that answers a question for you, makes your life easier – or just makes you smile. Join us by subscribing below, and if there’s a topic you’d find useful, we’d love to hear from you in the comments. Happy reading!


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